martes, diciembre 20, 2005

Broken Beat...

...a mixture of cutting edge production techniques and live instrumentation, rooted in jazz, funk, latin and Brazilian flavours. With the soul jazz/jazz fusion connection and the dance feel of jazzfunk and boogie, the range of music produced cannot be pidgeon holed or easily defined - it would probably be more accurately described as a movement, than a style, but that's only an opinion. At times it seems to be picking up the acid jazz mantle and taking it in a dance music direction. It can be a fusion of various styles of music, such as hip hop with afro-latin rhythms, etc. - this progressive dance movement has it's root's set firmly in London, but it's aficianado's are as diverse as the music form itself, with the involvement of many heavily respected musicians and producers from around the globe, eg. Bugz in the Attic, 4Hero, IG Culture, Jazzanova, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Mark De Clive Lowe, Roy Ayers,etc. to mention but a few (too too many to mention).


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